A modern CRT experience

Mega Bezel Reflection Shader offers a software Cathode-Ray Tube experience.

Pixel art is restored as it was originally intended by artists and your beloved vintage series shine as they did on your old TV.

The Mega Bezel is the
most refreshing thing
that could happen
to your pixels

Mega Bezel is a special power-up for pixel art games.
You’ll find plenty of easy-to-use setups to immerse yourself
in your favorite classic and modern games.


The Mega Bezel Project started back in July 2019 when developer HyperspaceMadness was looking at experimental shaders creating real-time reflections on emulated display bezels. More than two years later, the swiss-army-knife of visual simulation to enhance the retro game experience is ready for players!

The Mega Bezel is unique in that it bends the common definitions of shaders and overlays in an out-of-the-box experience: custom calculations take care of games native resolution and scaling, dynamically draw bezels around the gameplay area filled with curvature simulation and reflections, incorporating a unique pipeline of CRT simulation models and other visual conditioning of the game image, color correction, de-dithering, and adding responsive backgrounds and lots of additional features to enjoy.

The “Features” page shows some of what the Mega Bezel has to offer the retro-gaming enthusiast. The “Docs and Guides” page contains a knowledge base of articles and guides to help you get the most out of the experience.